It's Not Never

a love story
available on Kindle
in Paperback and Hardback

Ambitious and hardworking, Jessica Gabriel refuses

to let love get in the way of becoming the first person 

to walk on another planet. Or is she is just afraid of 

losing her best friend? 


Fellow astronaut John Eden is determined to prove 

he is more than his family name. Neither of them 

is looking for love, and mission protocol forbids it. 


But love doesn’t follow the rules, and the two friends 

have to decide whether they want to risk everything 

they’ve worked for to be together.

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It’s Not Never is available all over the world in Paperback, Hardback and e-Book.

About the authors

Louise Gregory & N.G.K.

Louise Gregory is the debut co-author of It’s Not Never, and uses her extensive background in psychology, coaching and team dynamics to create multi-layered characters with deep rooted feelings and motivators.
Louise lives by the “three r’s” – reading, writing, and running, all of which she would do more of were it not for her addiction to social media. She lives in the Cotswolds with her husband, two daughters, and a cat who is plotting to kill her.
N.G.K. is the best-selling author of seven books, including the popular Harry the Happy Mouse and Ridgeway Furrow series which have collectively sold over a million copies around the world. It’s Not Never is his first book for adults.
N.G.K. lives in the Forest of Dean with his wife, two children, and Lulu the cat. When not writing and running his own publishing company, N.G.K. Media. 

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